Black Economic Empowerment


Government's BEE Strategy

The BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) strategy of the South African Government is based on 4 key principles. They are:

  1. The BEE strategy must be part of the broader economic growth strategy.
  2. BEE must be broad based.
  3. BEE must be an inclusive process.
  4. BEE must be associated with good governance.

The actual strategy document from the Department of Trade & Industry is available in the Download section.


Telkom's BEE policy

It is instructive to view the empowerment classifications that Telkom has devised for its BEE policy. These are:

Classification Criteria
Black owned (private company) 51% + owned & managed
Black owned (public company) 35% + owned & managed
Black empowered 25% - 50% owned & managed
Black influenced 5% - 25% owned & managed
Engendered 25% + owned & managed by females


Ithuba's BEE policy

The Ithuba Trust believes that it is one of the few organizations in South Africa that is truly broad based in its beneficiaries, and that it serves predominantly the previously disadvantaged communities in South Africa. Since the Ithuba Trust acts as a conduit, the beneficiaries of the trust are its effective "shareholders", with all monies flowing to the Trust finding its way to the "grass root" communities in South Africa.