The Ithuba Trust



What is the Ithuba Trust?

The Ithuba Trust is a registered trust that acts as a conduit to distribute funds to disadvantaged groups and communities in South African. The trust registration numbers are:

Trust Registration number 1118/89
Fund Raising number 01-100782-000-7


Practically, what does Ithuba do?

To date the Ithuba Trust has distributed over R200 million received from donors to over 2,600 organizations and communities within South Africa. These donations have beneficially affected the lives of at least 10 million South Africans. To obtain a detailed list of these beneficiaries, go to the Download section.

The Trustees of the Ithuba Trust has also realized that due to "donor fatigue", organizations such as Ithuba have to enter into the commercial market on behalf of its beneficiaries and conclude transactions that will benefit the Trust in the longer term. To get a better understanding of this strategy go to the Investments section.


Concept and logo

Ithuba is a Zulu word meaning "opportunity". Its logo resembles that of firefighters holding hands to accomplish their goals in fighting fires as a team.

These hands, therefore signify to Ithuba, the need for South Africans to hold hands in rebuilding the country. The different colors of the logo represent all the racial groups within the country.

Last Updated on 05 May, 2003