With the transformation that is occurring within the South African society, and particularly in the economic sector, opportunities are emerging for black entrepreneurs and companies to participate more fully in the creation of wealth. This phenomenon is occurring at the same time that funds for charitable agencies are dwindling at an alarming rate.

Ithuba growth strategy

The Trustees of the Ithuba Trust have adopted a 2 pronged strategy for the generation of funds for distribution to its beneficiaries.

  1. Donor funds

This strategy is a continuation of the previous fund raising activities of Ithuba. Funds are procured from donors and distributed to organizations that are in need such funds.

  1. Investment returns

In order to ensure the longevity of the Ithuba Trust, commercial transactions are being pursued that will not only give the Ithuba Trust beneficiaries an indirect stake in the South African economy, but the investments returns will be distributed to the communities. A secondary benefit is that the Ithuba Trust will assist in placing talented community members into training programs at companies where Ithuba has an investment.


Existing investments

The Ithuba Trust has a stake in the following companies:

  1. Ucingo Investments Pty Limited (which owns 3% of Telkom).
  2. G10 Pty Limited (which owns 4.2% of Airports Company of South Africa)